Pool Rules and Lifeguard Duties

Rules of the Carthage Pool

  1. The pool hours are from 12:00 to 6:00 Monday thru Saturday and 1:00 to 5:00 on Sundays.

  2. The pool is not to be closed unless the weather is bad, “Lightning.”

    • Section 820.360 Patron Regulations m) Swimming is prohibited at outdoor swimming facilities when thunder is heard or lightning is seen, including a 15-minute period after the last lightning or thunder is detected.

  3. If the weather is bad and/or there are no patrons at the pool by 2:00 (Not before!), some guards may be asked to leave and be on call in the event additional patrons arrive.  Remaining guards will monitor the weather and attendance and if the weather clears or patrons arrive, the on call guards call them to return to work. Remaining guards will also perform regular duties such as cleaning and testing water levels.

  4. No one is ever to be asked to leave the pool early except in case of lighting, improper water levels or malfunctioning equipment.

  5. There are to be two guards in the chairs when there are more than 5 swimmers in the pool. If there is less than 5 swimmers in the Pool for more than 2 hours, one guard will be asked to leave and be on call to return in the event that more swimmers arrive.

  6. No one is allowed to be on the board until the previous diver has   exited the pool or moved out of the dive area.

  7. No one is allowed to sit on the Rope.

  8. Do not intentionally damage or deface pool property.  Doing so will be grounds for removal from the pool or dismissal.

  9. Running is not allowed anywhere inside the fence at the pool.

  10. If a swimmer has to be set out twice in one day for acting up. The third time they are to be sent home and asked not to return for one day.



Duties for the Lifeguards at the Carthage Pool

  1. Maintain a clean, safe and friendly environment for all patrons of the pool.

  2. Test water levels before opening, every hour the pool is open and before closing each day.  Levels are to be recorded in the log.

  3. Changing room floors shall be cleaned and disinfected daily.

  4. Toilet rooms and fixtures shall be kept clean, free of dirt and debris and in good repair.  Floors shall be maintained in a slip-resistant condition. Soap dispensers shall be filled and operable.  A supply of toilet paper shall be provided at each toilet at all times.

  5. Pump and filter pit will be monitored hourly for proper operation and kept free of any debris in the pit.

  6. Empty all trash cans and take all trash to the dumpster in the parking lot daily.  Rinse and/or wash all trash cans to prevent odor and attraction of pests.

  7. Rinse the pool deck daily.

  8. Guards are to be in Chairs while on Guard duty. Not sitting in the pool or on the side of it.

  9. No cell phones or i-pods while on Guard duty or in the basket room.

  10. Guards will rotate every 20 minutes. After rotation they will work the basket room and clean.

  11. When working in the basket room, attendant will greet all patrons entering the facility and properly document their attendance on the log sheet.

  12. While on a 4 guard rotation, the 4th guard will complete the duties on the rounds checklist and then be allowed a short break before returning to duty.  This time can be used for checking phones, eating lunch or a snack, reading a book, etc.  Otherwise on a 3 guard rotation the guard in the shack needs to put the money out of site.  Then the guard coming in the shack needs to complete the duties on the rounds checklist. 

13.  You are responsible for finding your own replacement if you can’t work the day you are scheduled.  The manager will help if needed but after 3 times of assisting it could be grounds for removal off the schedule for the rest of the summer. 

Lifeguard Rounds Checklist

  • Check all changing rooms and bathrooms for trash, unclean toilets, patrons hanging out or goofing off in changing room, empty soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers.  Clean and refill as required.
  • Check pumps and filter pit for proper operation.  Look for leaks on all pipes and valves. Remove any debris from the filter pit.
  • Empty any trash cans that are ½ full.
  • Check parking lot, area around the outside and inside of the pool fence and areas where patrons will walk for trash and pick up any debris found.